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By Club Sibos team
More than a daily, Club@Sibos will bring you unrivalled analysis of the world’s premier financial services event, drawing on input from within and beyond the conference.  With original research, interviews of leading industry figures and live reporting from Sibos, Club Sibos is a multimedia experience, combining the convenience of hard copy publications for instant reference with a digital presence that includes video and audio content. The Club@Sibos team, with collective experience of over 50 Siboses between them, can call on a rich network of contacts, using their experience to get to the heart of the issues.  Sign up for Club@Sibos to get the most out of your Sibos experience. Take part in the Club@Sibos survey on AI and related technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a major theme at Sibos in Sydney with a number of dedicated sessions daily. In preparation, Club@Sibos is conducting a short survey of attitudes to the deployment of AI, RPA and machine learning. Click here to take part!